A simple and inexpensive home inspection may save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your home insurance.  The windstorm or hurricane premium portion of your home insurance coverage (the section that often comprises the largest component of the bill) may be eligible for major discounts.  If you do not have hurricane or windstorm coverage, these discounts are not applicable.  Discounts can be applied by your insurance company if your home was constructed to protect it from damage or destruction or if hurricane damage mitigation elements were added.

Here are some major construction elements that may qualify your home for discounts and reduce your homeowner’s insurance bill:

  1. The year your home was built – homes built in 2001 or later comply with updated construction codes which have features to mitigate hurricane damage.


  1. The shape of your roof – a hip roof, for example, one that is sloped on all four sides like a pyramid is eligible for discounted insurance premiums. 


  1. Protection from wind borne debris – insurance discounts are based on both the extent and type of protection your home has from hurricane generated debris.  Insurers look at what part of the home is protected (all openings or just glassed openings) and the type of protection used (shutters, impact glass, hurricane film, etc.).


  1. Roof covering – roofing material is evaluated by the insurance company for discounts.  Examples of roof material that may qualify for discounts are metal panels, clay or concrete tiles, asphalt shingles, wood shingles.


  1. The method by which your roof is attached to the house structure – some roof deck attachment methods that are eligible for a discount: 6d nails or screws with 6”/12” nailing pattern and 8d nails or screws with 6”/12” nailing pattern.


  1. The method by which your roof is connected to the walls of your home – applicable roof connectors include double wraps, single wraps and clips.


While much of this may be more technical than the average homeowner can handle, a licensed inspector (for an average price of $150) can evaluate your home.  And the inspector must complete and sign a formal insurance company questionnaire in order for you to qualify for the discounts.


I hope this information helps you secure more affordable insurance coverage.