I love being a Realtor!

And I love helping people with one of the most important decisions they make during their lives -- that is buying or selling a home.

I have been helping people with their real estate interests in south Florida for nearly 15 years in what is my fourth and final profession.  My prior careers have given me skills that enhance my abilities as a realtor and make me a more effective resource and advocate for my clients.

For 20 years prior to my real estate career I was a Manager, Director and Vice President of Communications for Fortune 500 electric utilities, working first in New York, then in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, followed by Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas and finally in Florida.  I directed activities that would build support for nuclear power plant operations and also gain local acceptance for construction of new power plants, including wind farms across the country. I learned to listed to residents' issues with our operations and to satisfy their concerns.  I learned strong negotiation skills from a Harvard University executive program. And I learned how to work with people from all over the country as well as with people from overseas.

My private sector work also provided me with strong business skills, a vital component of real estate transactions.  While many home purchases are often a result of emotional decisions, I find it is important that both buyers and sellers fully understand the financial aspects of their purchase or sale.

Before my electric utility work, I was a Press Secretary on Capitol Hill working for Members of Congress. Issues in Washington are complex and my task was to explain details of legislation and policy positions to the media.  My positive reputation within the Washington press corp was directly related to my accessibility and to my knowledge of issues under discussion.  I learned to be available when the phone rings, to be the best informed individual on the subject of interest to the caller and to be very sure of my facts.

And prior to my political work, I was a Washington correspondent for a chain of newspapers, again working on Capitol Hill.  I had to make sure the articles I wrote were accurate.  The news business knows no clock so when a story broke, I would cover it regardless of the time.  I've carried this irreverence to time into my real estate business, usually work seven days a week and am available to meet my clients at their convenience.

I hope I have tickled your interest enough to call me for your real estate needs.  I have worked with multi-millionaires and with young first time home buyers.  I have sold small condos priced under $100,000 and estate homes priced in the millions.  I am more interested in the character and integrity of my client than I am in the size of his or her checkbook.  I can be reached at 561-762-3704 or at